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CTA Unveils New Nova LFS Buses

City to Pursue Center-Running BRT on Ashland

CDOT Selects “Balanced” Option for Central Loop Corridor

CTA Awards Forty-Foot Bus Contract to Nova Bus

CTA’s Newest Buses Hit the Streets

“Jump” Branding Unveiled for Enhanced Jeffery Bus Service

CTA Board Approves Crowd Reduction Plan

CTA Proposes Service Changes to Reduce Crowding

Claypool Looking to “Right the Financial Ship” at CTA

Claypool Talks BRT at Meeting With Local Bloggers

CTA Awards Electric Bus Contract to New Flyer

CTA Announces Plans to Overhaul Bus Fleet

CTA Buying 100 Buses Originally Ordered By Seattle Metro

CDOT Previews Central Loop BRT Design Options

CTA Secures Funding for Articulated Buses

CTA Outlines Initial Plans for Jeffery BRT Service

Rahm Emanuel Announces Transportation Team

CTA Receives Grant for Two All-Electric Buses

Chicago Receives Federal Grants for BRT Service

Six Flxible Metros Return to Service

CTA Dumps “Go Lane” Experiment

CTA Service Cuts to Take Effect

CTA Service Cuts Would Reduce Fleet, Close Archer Garage

Delay in CTA Bus Order Leads to Layoffs at New Flyer

First Articulated Hybrid Bus Purchased with Stimulus Funds Arrives

NABI Buses Face Permanent Retirement

CTA Orders 58 Articulated Hybrid Buses

CTA Pulls NABI Buses for Safety Reasons

CTA Awards Contract for up to 900 60-ft Hybrid Buses

CTA Officially Unveils New Flyer DE60LF Buses

New Flyer DE60LFs Placed Into Service

CTA Outlines New Customer Communication Efforts

First Digital Bus Ad Installed

CTA to Make Supervisors Mobile; Enhance Bus Tracker

CTA Testing Innovative New Hybrid Bus

Forest Glen Routes Next on Bus Tracker

BRT Routes Unveiled

More Bus Tracker Routes Coming May 19th

Chicago Receives Federal Grant for Bus Rapid Transit

CTA To Add 13 “Bus Tracker” Routes

CTA Moves Forward With Lease of Hybrid Articulated Buses

Nearly 30 Routes to Change Garages in Spring Pick

Changes Ahead as CTA Receives Long-Term Funding

CTA Partners with Google for Trip Planner Alternative

CTA To Consider Leasing 150 Hybrid Articulated Buses

CTA President Ron Huberman Discusses Efforts to Reduce Bus Bunching

CTA Preparing Additional Bus Tracker Routes

New Buses Continue To Replace Aging Fleet

CTA Testing “DriveCam” Monitoring Technology

CTA Bus Tracker to Expand System-wide

CTA Places First Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses Into Service

Bus Tracker Pilot Launched on #20 Madison Route

CTA Receives Optima Opus Prototype Bus

West Side Bus Service Improvements Begin Sunday, June 18th

CTA Orders 185 Additional Buses as Delivery of New Flyer Buses Continues

CTA Begins Taking Delivery of New Flyer Buses

CTA Raises Cash Fares in 2006

CTA Receives Delivery of New Flyer D40LF Prototype

CTA Proposes Cash Fares Increase in 2006

CTA To Purchase 30-Foot Buses From Optima Bus Corporation

Service Cuts & Fare Increases for 2005 Canceled, but Threat Still Looms

Chicago Transit Board Approves Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

CTA Funding Crisis Continues to Loom

CTA Receives First NABI CompoBus

CTA Purchases 13 Used Pace Buses to Replace 4900 Series

Chicago Transit Board Votes to Delay Cuts

CTA Approves Purchase of 265 New Buses

CTA Board Approves Two Budgets for 2005

Future Capital Improvement Plans

MAN Americana (4000 Series) Buses Retired

Flxible Metro 5300 Series to Receive Automated Announcements