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North Park Garage

3112 W. Foster Ave.

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Assigned Buses

Assigned Routes & Run Numbers

Assignments and run numbers are updated as information becomes available. Contact us to report corrections.

# Route Shared By Full-time Runs Block Runs Part-time Runs
X98 Avon Express P951-P960
X49 Western Express 6 P701-P750 P751-P760 P761-P780
11 Lincoln P101-P120 P121-P130 P131-P140
22 Clark P201-P250 P251-P260 P261-P300
36 Broadway P301-P340 P341-P350 P351-P380
49 Western 6 P801-P850 P851-P860 P861-P880
49B North Western P801-P850 P851-P860 P861-P880
50 Damen P401-P440 P441-P460 P461-P480
56 Milwaukee F P501-P560 P561-P570 P571-P600
82 Kimball/Homan K
92 Foster F P901-P930 P931-P940 P941-P950
93 California/Dodge P001-P020 P021-P030 P031-P050
96 Lunt P041-P070 P071-P080 P081-P100
97 Skokie P901-P930 P931-P940 P941-P950
135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express P141-P150 P151-P160 P161-P200
136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express P141-P150 P151-P160 P161-P200
146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express P601-P650 P651-P660 P661-P680
147 Outer Drive Express P701-P750 P751-P760 P761-P780
148 Clarendon/Michigan Express P601-P650 P651-P660 P661-P680
151 Sheridan K P501-P560 P561-P570 P571-P600
152 Addison F P201-P260 P261-P270 P271-P300
155 Devon P041-P070 P071-P080 P081-P100
201 Central/Ridge P901-P930 P931-P940 P941-P950
206 Evanston Circulator F P801-P850 P851-P860 P861-P880