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Forest Glen Garage

5419 W. Armstrong Ave.

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Assigned Buses

Assigned Routes & Run Numbers

Assignments and run numbers are updated as information becomes available. Contact us to report corrections.

# Route Shared By Full-time Runs Block Runs Part-time Runs
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd. F451-F470 F471-F480 F481-F500
56 Milwaukee P F501-F540 F541-F550 F551-F570
68 Northwest Highway F401-F420 F421-F430 F431-F450
76 Diversey F601-F640 F641-F650 F651-F670
77 Belmont F701-F750 F751-F770 F771-F800
78 Montrose F601-F640 F641-F650 F651-F670
80 Irving Park F801-F850 F851-F870 F871-F900
81 Lawrence F101-F130 F131-F140 F141-F150
81W West Lawrence F401-F420 F421-F430 F431-F450
84 Peterson F941-F960 F961-F970 F971-F980
85 Central F001-F040 F041-F050 F051-F070
85A North Central F401-F420 F421-F430 F431-F450
86 Narragansett/Ridgeland F351-F370 F371-F380 F381-F400
88 Higgins F401-F420 F421-F430 F431-F450
90 Harlem F301-F320 F321-F330 F331-F350
91 Austin F151-F170 F171-F180 F181-F200
92 Foster P F901-F920 F921-F930 F931-F940
152 Addison P F201-F240 F241-F250 F251-F300
206 Evanston Circulator P F451-F470 F471-F480 F481-F500